GPSmyCity App Provides Self-Guided Travel

Oct 31, 2016Et Cetera0 comments

Before I visit any new location, I always do plenty of research in order to understand my destination. One of the things I spend plenty of time researching is touring information. I study maps, search for pictures, and peruse websites – and especially travel blogs – for locations, times, costs, and points of interest. A lot of time is spent compiling the information for offline use.

Introducing GPSmyCity

Well there is a better way! GPSmyCity for your iPhone offers over 5,500 self-guided city walks and itineraries in over 700 cities worldwide. Each city walk or travel article comes with a travel route plotted on an offline map, guiding you to famous attractions, interesting sights, and delicious eateries. Using the GPS in your smartphone, GPSmyCity knows exactly where you are and guides you to each subsequent location.


GPSmyCity provides their destination travel articles for free. Once you decide to take advantage of the GPS-guided route maps, however, simply upgrade the article for a small fee. It’s affordable and so much easier than carrying around a heavy guidebook.

A Giveaway!

In order to try GPSmyCity without obligation, you can download the upgraded version of our itinerary Three Days in Budapest for free for a limited time. Go ahead and download the GPSmyCity app for iOS to get started (Android version is still in the making). Hurry, because this offer ends November 6, 2016.


The Wrap Up

GPSmyCity takes the worry out of exploring a new city, allowing you to lose yourself without getting lost. You can now explore all the best attractions at your own pace, on your own time, and at a cost that is only a fraction of what you might pay for a guided tour. Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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