Ten Favorite World Cities

Often times people ask us about our most favorite cities that we’ve visited. Believe it or not, coming up with only ten is much more difficult that you might think. In the end, our choices are primarily guided by how each of these cities make us feel.

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An Elephant’s Self Portrait

I rode an elephant in Thailand. Yes, it was a cool experience. And afterward, I took home a souvenir that remains to this day one of the best travel conversation pieces I own. Elephant camps in Northern Thailand are big business, with dozens of camps offering...

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Old Chiangmai: Preserving the Traditions of Thailand

If you've ever researched the top attractions in and around Chiang Mai, Thailand, you're likely to see a long list of temples, followed by a bunch of elephant and nature excursions. What you're less likely to see, however, is Old Chiangmai Cultural Center, a...

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