Photography Tips

Improve Your Photography.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But that only applies to good pictures. Bad pictures are only worth about eighty-two words. Improve your travel photography with these helpful tips and techniques, and bring your imagery up to thousand-word status.

New York City Skyline
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Explore the world.

We have put together suggested itineraries to help you plan your short trips.

Eight Days in the Yucatan: Day 3-5

Eight Days in the Yucatan: Day 3-5

Explore the jungle ruins of Ek’ Balam before venturing inland to the capital of the Yucatan, the “White City” of Merida. Check out the UNESCO World Heritage site of Uxmal before heading back to the coast.

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Travel Gear

Pack for your journey.

An exhaustive list of the gear we take when we travel.

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Reviews of travel gear, clothing, and services.

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