Photographs have become our most cherished souvenirs. They capture our special moments in time…moments that can be gone in an instant. In order to preserve those moments forever, it’s important to know how to do it right. We want to share our photography tips and techniques to help you capture your best images. Learn how to travel light with just the essential gear, and develop your editing skills to highlight your most precious moments.

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How to Photograph Petra by Night

Getting the perfect, portfolio-worthy shot of Petra by Night takes strategy, timing, technique, and a bit of luck. Our tips will help you walk away with a photograph you can be proud of.

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Getting the Shot: Hogwarts

The Great Hall at Christ Church College was used as the inspiration for the Great Hall of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films. The location is beautifully impressive – and a challenge to photograph. Find out how to capture the empty elegance of the Great Hall, even on a day crowded with tourists.

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Getting the Shot: Burj Al-Arab

The iconic Burj al-Arab hotel can be seen for miles, but it can be difficult to photograph without obstruction. The areas surrounding the hotel are owned by high-end hotels who reserve their beach access guests only. Here’s an insider’s tip for accessing one of the best views of the sail-shaped hotel.

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Getting the Shot: Big Ben

The clock tower at Westminster, colloquially known as Big Ben, is one of the most iconic symbols of London. Here’s how to get an epic shot of one of the world’s most famous landmark.

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The Best Tripod for Travel Photography

A solid tripod is invaluable for travel photography and can be the difference between moving from snapshots to more professional results. The challenge for travelers is finding a tripod that meets two important criteria: weight – and especially size – and budget. Our handy tripod guide should get you started in the right direction.

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Take Good Travel Photos In Bad Weather

There are few things worse than checking the forecast before heading out on a trip only to realize that the weather is going to be lousy the entire time. Instead of all those beautiful, sunny pictures you had been dreaming of capturing, you have to readjust your...

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