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We’re David and Zena, a designer/developer and a nurse zigzagging the world with a passion for culture, adventure, and discovery.

David and Zena at Jerash, Jordan
We’ve both been traveling most of our lives — with our families when we were young, and with each other once we were married. We’re not digital nomads. While we have lived abroad in the past, we are currently based out of the United States. We maintain roots at home in beautiful North Carolina, balancing the responsibilities of home with the thrill and adventure of travel.

Since we first started this site to document our travels in mid-2012, we’ve grown from 2 readers (each of us) to tens of readers today. Such a strong surge in readership has us patting ourselves on the back and congratulating ourselves for being awesome.

About David

About David


David hails from the great state of California. He started out studying architecture, eventually transitioning to graphic design, which eventually morphed into marketing, advertising, and web technology, all while pursuing photography. He is known for being a laid back guy who tries to live life every day. So far so good.

David is half designer, half developer, half photographer, half adventurer, and half nerd. He’s also really bad at math.

About Zena

About Zena

Warrior Princess

Born in Jordan of Palestinian-Slovak descent, Zena speaks three languages fluently. She is known for her hospitality and ability to make personal connections with people from any culture or environment.

Zena is a nurse, a teacher, and a former professional athlete. She once accompanied His Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan on a tour of the United States. She also met Steve Jobs during a personal tour of Pixar. She’s pretty much the whole package, which makes David a lucky, lucky guy.

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