GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic

GoPro Karma versus DJI Mavic: Which Drone is Best for Travel?

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Both the GoPro Karma and DJI Mavic Pro offer features and compactness that are guaranteed to appeal to the travel community – specifically travel bloggers and photographers dedicated to providing a wide variety of new and unique content to their audience. But which of these two is the best offering at this early stage? Our handy guide should help you narrow down your decision before plunking down your hard-earned cash.

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Kelty Redwing 44

Kelty Redwing 44 Backpack Review

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The Kelty Redwing 44, the smaller sibling to the popular Redwing 50, has been redesigned in 2016, keeping the most beloved and functional elements, while adding new features that make this backpack an even more powerful force with which to be reckoned. So how does the most recent improvements stack up against the competition?

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Tortuga Backpack Review

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The Tortuga Backpack is easily one of the most popular and recognizable travel packs on the market. It was designed by travelers for travelers. The creators of the bag set out to create the perfect travel backpack. So how perfect is it? Read More

Domke F-8 Small Shoulder Bag

Domke F-8 Camera Bag [Review]

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I’m a big fan of Domke camera bags. They have been around forever. You might say that they are the classic, quintessential camera bags. I own the Domke F-2 bag, which holds a ton of gear and has been around the world with me several times. I’ve also owned the smaller Domke F-3x bag, which was a fine bag but I ended up selling it because it didn’t fit my specific needs. No matter how many other bag manufacturers I try, I generally end up coming back to Domke as my go-to brand.

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Use Amazon Prime Photos to Backup Your Travel Images

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If you love capturing photographs of your travel adventures, there are very few things more heart wrenching than realizing you’ve lost thousands of photographs of your trip in the blink of an eye. If you are not backing up your photos during travel, you are asking for trouble. Laptops get stolen, cameras get dropped, hard drives break, memory cards become corrupted, and phones tend to accidentally end up in the very fountain you’re trying to photograph.

There are a variety of offline techniques for those traveling with laptops, the easiest of which is to backup your photos on an inexpensive portable hard drive. For additional security and peace of mind, however, you should also utilize an online backup solution on which to store your valuable photos. Read More

Kelty Redwing 50

Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack [Review]

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When it comes to packing your travel gear, there’s nothing better than being able to pack it in the perfect travel backpack. Unfortunately, the perfect travel backpack doesn’t exist.   The Kelty Redwing 50 does a stand up job, however.  Allow us to sing its praises…and point out its faults. Read More

Trail Wallet

Travel Expense Tracking with Trail Wallet [Review]

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Trail Wallet app icon
It’s easy to lose track of finances while traveling.  An expensive meal here, a souvenir there, and next thing you know you’re wondering where all of your money went.  Budget conscious travelers have utilized various methods of tracking finances, from collecting loose receipts to creating detailed spreadsheets, but now there is a more streamlined solution available.  Enter Trail Wallet, an travel expense tracker for iPhone that takes the hassle out of maintaining a travel budget. Read More

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Cube

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Packing Cubes [Review]

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Packing cubes are a great way to organize the contents of your bag.  There are a variety of manufacturers and sizes available, with most of them constructed from some sort of fabric/mesh combination for strength and visibility.  Eagle Creek has created quite a buzz with their Pack-It Specterseries of packing cubes which employ ripstop silnylon, resulting in an ultra-lightweight product.  And as any frequent traveler knows, reducing the weight of ones pack is always good goal. Read More

Outdoor Research Sensor Gloves [Review]

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For you travelers who avoid  cold climates like the plague, this review may seem unnecessary.  However, if you ever find yourself in the Andes mountains in the wintertime, or perhaps decide to take a day trip to the top of the Zugspitze in Bavaria, you might need a decent pair of lightweight gloves to keep your hands warm.

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