Getting the Shot: Big Ben

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This photo was taken on the Westminster Bridge which crosses the Thames River in London, England. The location is popular for capturing the Palace of Westminster and the famous Elizabeth Tower (also known as the Clock Tower or, more erroneously, Big Ben). Daytime shots from this location require additional creativity, since the passing cars don’t really add to the composition of the image. At night, however, you can capture the light trails from passing double-decker busses which adds movement to the image and creates leading lines, drawing the eye towards the Elizabeth Tower.

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The Best Tripod for Travel Photography

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A solid tripod is invaluable for travel photography and can be the difference between moving from snapshots to more professional results. There are thousands of tripod options available on the market. The challenge for travelers is finding a tripod that meets two important criteria: weight – and especially size – and budget. Here are a few favorites that should get started. Read More

Use Amazon Prime Photos to Backup Your Travel Images

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If you love capturing photographs of your travel adventures, there are very few things more heart wrenching than realizing you’ve lost thousands of photographs of your trip in the blink of an eye. If you are not backing up your photos during travel, you are asking for trouble. Laptops get stolen, cameras get dropped, hard drives break, memory cards become corrupted, and phones tend to accidentally end up in the very fountain you’re trying to photograph.

There are a variety of offline techniques for those traveling with laptops, the easiest of which is to backup your photos on an inexpensive portable hard drive. For additional security and peace of mind, however, you should also utilize an online backup solution on which to store your valuable photos. Read More

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Take Good Travel Photos In Bad Weather

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There are few things worse than checking the forecast before heading out on a trip only to realize that the weather is going to be lousy the entire time. Instead of all those beautiful, sunny pictures you had been dreaming of capturing, you have to readjust your strategy to accommodate rain and clouds. Just because the weather is going to be gloomy though, doesn’t mean you can’t take good travel photos in bad weather. Read More