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Game Boy Around the World

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A number of years ago when my son was much younger, I began to notice that a handful of the pictures that I took of him while traveling contained him playing his Nintendo Game Boy. It’s not that he played it the entire time we traveled (well, he kinda did), but the timing of my pictures happened to coincide with him playing. After the first couple of pictures, we began to purposefully pose him in famous locations playing his Game Boy and then posting them on Flickr under the title Game Boy Around the World. Read More

Conde Nast Traveler Magazine Is a Waste of Money

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Each month when Conde Nast Traveler appears in my mailbox, I spend an average of 10 minutes thumbing through the magazine. I rarely find something of value or interest; rather the magazine is more of a source of amusement. Once I’m finished flipping past the unending barrage of irrelevant ads and unusable articles, the magazine goes straight into the trash.

When my subscription runs out, I won’t be renewing since Conde Nast Traveler is a waste of money. Allow me to explain why. Read More