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Ten Favorite World Cities

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Often times people ask us about our most favorite cities that we’ve visited. Believe it or not, coming up with only ten is much more difficult that you might think. Generally I answer by creating a diversified list that combines culture, excitement, variety, charm, and budget, but the reality is that a list of top ten world cities is all those things and so much more. I guess if I had to justify my choices by putting my finger on just one thing, I would say that there is something in the way each city makes us feel. While the beauty or charm of these cities may be up for debate, each of them has found a special place in our hearts. Read More

Bruges’ Most Famous Citizen

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Early scenes in the movie In Bruges showcase the beauty and charm of the medieval of Bruges, Belgium. We see the spire of Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk (Church of Our Lady) as it pierces the morning mist. Horse-drawn carriages laden with tourists clip-clop through Bruges’ main square. Medieval buildings are reflected in the River Dijver as boat tours gracefully sail past. And then the camera flashes to a quick shot of a dog lazily enjoying the sun through an open window.  What’s up with the dog, anyway? Read More