Restoring Sight to the Blind in Africa

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Imagine yourself in this scenario: you’re a farmer in a rural area in Africa, far removed from convenience or technology. You have a family, which includes your own children as well as orphaned nieces and nephews that you’ve taken into your care. You support your dependents through the meager crops that grow on a small, dry path of land. Each day involves the same schedule: waking up early, working the ground, maintaining a few livestock, eating, and going to sleep. An exciting day might be a 4-hour trip on foot or bicycle into the local market to sell your crops or to buy additional food. You cannot afford to get sick or take a day off; if you don’t work every day, your family will starve. Your family subsists entirely on a couple dollars each day.

Now take that scenario and include one additional detail: you’re slowly going blind due to cataracts. This is the plight of many people throughout southern Africa. Read More