We’re David and Zena Bjorgen, a couple who love travel, culture, photography, and each other. We each started traveling with our families as kids and just never stopped once we became adults. Our travels merged together once we were married and we’ve been enjoying traveling as a couple ever since. We’ve lived abroad, but are currently based out of the United States. We maintain roots at home in beautiful North Carolina while zigzagging around the world throughout the year.

Since we first started this site to document our travels in mid-2012, we’ve grown from 2 readers (each of us) to tens of readers today. Such a strong surge in readership has us patting ourselves on the back and congratulating ourselves for being awesome.


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This site is inconsistent with the cultural and political values of North Korea. By order of the Supreme Leader, it is to be banned!

Kim Jong Un

This site rocks!

The Dalai Lama

I like to read this blog whilst sitting on the loo. It helps pass the time.

Queen Elizabeth II